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P h o t o B o o t h 3 6 0 & B e y o n d
Rental Agreement

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The person(s) whose signature(s) appear on this contract, known as "Client" "You" or "Your", agree that (Photo Booth 360 & Beyond) Name known as "Provider", "We" or "Our" shall provide 360 photo booth rental services at clients specified event, time and location. This is a binding contract which incorporates the entire understanding of the parties, which supersedes any and all prior agreements between the parties.. Any modifications must be in writing, signed by both parties, and physically attached to the original agreement. Client assumes responsibility for all collection costs and legal fees incurred should enforcement of this contract is breached.

Service Package:

  • High Quality 360 Video

  • Instant video access via QR Code, SMS, Airdrop +

  • Email Custom Text Overlay

  • Fun Props (glasses, hats, signs etc)

  • All Event Media Delivered To The Client

  • Captivating Slow Motion Video Experience

  • One Operating Attendant On Site

Booking: In order to book your event a $200 non refundable reservation & a signed rental contract is required. A minimum of two hours is required to book Photo Booth 360 & Beyond for your event date.

Payments and Cancellation Policy:
A non refundable fee of $200 is due at the time of booking; this payment is non-refundable and must be paid in order to secure your event date. The balance needs to be fully paid two weeks before the event day, unless otherwise agreed upon. Payment can be made via website, Zelle, cash, or credit card. Credit card payments will incur an additional 4% processing fee. Personal checks will not be accepted. For cancellations within one (1) month prior to the event, the entire amount of contract is still owed to Photo Booth 360 & Beyond at the time of cancellation or two weeks prior to the event date, whichever date is earlier.

Photo Booth 360 & Beyond promises a high quality service, but is not liable for unforeseen circumstances, including but not limited to inclement weather, government restrictions, transportation problems, illness, accidents, labor disputes or strikes, Acts of God, and other causes beyond reasonable control. A delay in transit shall not constitute grounds for a discount or refund. We will do our best to be flexible with providing alternatives where such a situation arises. We reserve the unilateral right to cease operation should the weather pose a threat.

A mileage fee will be charged as follows: 0-10 miles(no charge) anything beyond 10 miles will incur a travel fee. that will be determined by the Provider on a case by case basis based on the distance and time of travel. Please note the rate is for round trip.

360 Booth Setup/Removal:
Photo Booth 360 & Beyond will deliver, set up and remove the 360 photo and video booth from your event location. We require access to the venue/location at least one hour before the scheduled event start time. After the event, we require up to 30 minutes to remove the setup. It is the Clients responsibility to ensure we have access to the event space/location. at the time needed. Client agrees the Provider will not be held responsible for delays (or incomplete setup) if the Provider is not allowed a reasonable amount of time provided with the right resources required to complete the setup.

360 Photo and Video Booth Operations:
To use the 360 booth, guests are required to stand on a circular platform while a camera spins around them 2 or 3 times in a full 360 motion. Guests are required to stand firmly in the middle of the platform without extending their feet over the edge. Up to 3 adults or 4 children can safely use the platform at the same time.

Setup Requirements:
Client must provide the following equipment and resources as described in this paragraph. A floor space of at least 10 feet by 10 feet with a minimum ceiling clearance of 8 feet is required to accommodate the photo booth. An 110V, 10 amps, 3 prong standard electrical outlet from a reliable power source at least 15 feet away, is also required. The Client is responsible for any damage caused to our equipment and/or attendants due to improper power provision. For outdoor events, the equipment must be stationed in a completely dry spot, on a paved or grassy surface free of dirt, and protected wind, cold, heat or direct sunlight.

Internet Access:
Client must provide or have access to a reliable source of internet connection with speed of at least 1MB is required at the event venue to deliver the photo booth videos. Where internet is not available, Provider cannot guarantee it can provide guests with instant access to videos.

Media Delivery:
Provider will provide a sharing station where guests can instantly access their videos via SMS, Airdrop or Email, subject to internet connectivity. An online gallery of all media created by our 360 photo and video booth at the event will also be made available to the client within 7 days after the event. The client is responsible for making sure all images and videos are backed up. We are not responsible for the lifespan of any digital media provided or any future changes in digital technology that may result in an inability to access or use the files. We use 3rd party service to process, store, share and manage data. We are not responsible and cannot be held liable for any 3rd party claims relating to our services.

Client Responsibility:
It is the Client's responsibility to provide Photo Booth 360 & Beyond and our attendants a safe working environment free for hazards, attacks, and threats of violence or harassment of any kind. Only Provider’s attendant(s) may administer and control the 360 Photo and Video Booth. Client acknowledges and agrees that neither Client nor its guest may control the 360 Photo and Video Booth. Client will ensure that Client’s guests will cooperate and listen to Provider’s attendant’s instructions. Provider reserves the unilateral right to deny a guest use of the 360 Photo and Video Booth or cease operations due to safety issues or lack of cooperation. The attendant reserves the right to cease operations immediately and take possession of all equipment if they become unsafe. No refunds will be made under such circumstances.

Miscellaneous Fees:
Costs incurred for travel and delivery of the service are to be paid by the client. That may include but are not limited to: parking, valet, tolls, etc. All costs will be added to your invoice and must be paid in full prior to the event.

We can add a custom text overlay to all your event photos/videos to match your theme. This is included

Service Availability:
Due to the general nature of technology, we cannot guarantee that the photo booth will remain operational throughout the event. Occasionally, operations may need to be interrupted for maintenance and/or service optimization such as charging camera settings, adjusting lighting, adjusting platform or rotation, etc. Should we fail to provide operational photo booth during the agreed durations, you will be issued a refund reflective of the service downtime. Such refund amount shall be determined by the Provider’s sole unreviewable discretion. We will not be responsible for service interruptions from consequential damages.

We reserve the right to use photos + videos by our 360 photo booth for advertising and promotional purposes on our website, social media, or 3rd party platforms. By signing this agreement, you warrant that you have the authority to agree to the use of the likeness of all persons, included in the images from your event.

Client will indemnify  and hold Provider harmless from and against any and all losses, liabilities, damages and expenses (including attorneys’ fees) resulting from client’s or guest’s negligence or willful misuse of the equipment or interactions with the Provider’s attendants. Client further agrees to indemnify and hold Provider harmless from any and all claims or causes of action, established or otherwise, arising from or relating to the Provider’s use of name or likeness of Guests.

The failure of any party hereto to insist upon strict performance of any of the terms or provisions of this Agreement or to exercise any right contained in this Agreement shall not be construed as a waiver of such term, provision, or right in the future. No waiver by any party hereto of any term or provision of this Agreement shall be deemed to have been made unless expressed in writing and signed by such party.

Severability: In the event that any provision of this Agreement is deemed invalid or unenforceable, in whole or in part, that part shall be severed from the remainder of the Agreement and all other provisions should continue in full force and effect as valid and enforceable.

All Photo + video booth equipment, including but not limited to cameras, lighting, platforms, backdrops, etc. are the property of Photo Booth 360 & Beyond and must remain onsite at the setup space. The Client is responsible for all losses due to theft, vandalism, misuse or damage of equipment caused by the Client or their guests. In the event the equipment is damaged, misplaced, stolen, the Client agrees to be billed for the repair or replacement cost of the item(s). Such payment shall be made by the Client to the Provider within 1 week of receiving the invoice from the Provider. Payment can be made via website, Zelle, cash, or credit card. Credit card payments are subject to an additional 4% processing fee. Personal checks will not be accepted

Applicable Law:
This Agreement and the interpretation of its terms, together with all claims or causes of action (whether at law, in contract, in tort, or otherwise) that may arise out of or relate to this Agreement or its negotiation shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the State of New Jersey without regard to the conflicts of law principles and subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the federal courts in the District of New Jersey and state courts located in Somerset County, New Jersey


100% (one hundred percent) of the payments paid will be immediately forfeited if this Photo Booth 360 & Beyond rental agreement is breached, cancelled or terminated by you prior to and including the noted event date.


I have read, understand and agree to the terms and conditions of this Agreement. Each person signing as Client below shall be fully responsible for ensuring that full payment is made pursuant to the terms of this Agreement.

Thanks for submitting!

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